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As Ruijters, we focus entirely on our passion: investing in real estate and developing it. By transferring our brokerage division to Boek & Offermans and the HOA (Homeowners Association) branch to MVGM, we have created the space to concentrate on the course we have been following since 2019: Developing Investor. With this, we return to the core activities initiated more than 60 years ago by our founder, Ger Ruijters. Explore with us the boundless possibilities of real estate investments and the fascinating world of real estate development.


Welcome to Ruijters, where tradition and innovation converge in every investment and development.


Ruijters unlocks real estate potential with an innovative vision and craftsmanship. From concept to reality, we create sustainable and inspiring real estate developments for the future.


As a dedicated real estate investor with over 60 years of experience, Ruijters engages in strategic investments with a keen eye for value creation and returns.


We manage the property you rent, whether it’s a home, shop, or office space, as efficiently and conveniently as possible, mostly online. Here you will find practical information and answers to frequently asked questions.

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