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As a tenant, you don’t want any surprises. We manage your home, shop, or office as well and easily as possible. Therefore, you can handle many rental matters online. Convenient, right?

Faults, Repairs and Maintenance

You can report faults and repairs to our 24-hour service desk. The way the fault should be rectified and who bears the costs depends on the ownership situation and the lease agreement.

Beforehand, check who does what and who pays the bill; here you can read about common maintenance tasks your landlord performs and repairs for which you, as a tenant, are responsible. If in doubt about technical faults or repairs, you can always contact our service desk.


We are available day and night for emergencies. Examples of emergencies include significant leaks, elevator malfunctions, or a broken entrance door.

Report your emergency repair via +31(0)43 329 29 70.


For non-emergencies, we are available on weekdays between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM. Examples of issues are broken lighting, peeling exterior paintwork, or a faulty extractor hood.

Report your repair request online, by phone at +31(0)43 329 29 70, or by email at

Minor maintenance, often on the inside, is the tenant’s responsibility. Major maintenance, often on the outside, is the landlord’s responsibility. In the Small Repairs Decree, you can find out who is responsible for which (maintenance) activities.

Always report a fault through Ruijters Real Estate Managers.

Changing Lease Agreement

Did something changed in your personal situation or your details have changed? Please inform us as soon as possible. Below, you will find matters that you can easily arrange online. If your change is not listed here, email

Termination of Lease Agreement

The termination of your residential lease agreement can be done every month on an agreed-upon day for rent payment (usually the first day of a calendar month) and with a notice period. The notice period for a rental home is at least one month. You can terminate your lease agreement by completing the termination form.

The notice period for retail and business spaces may vary per object. See the lease agreement.

After we confirm the lease termination, an employee of Ruijters Real Estate Managers will contact you to schedule a pre-inspection and final inspection.

The first appointment is a pre-inspection. We will come to your place to check the property together. We will note any defects and changes to the property and discuss which tasks you need to perform and pay for.

Final Inspection
During the final inspection of the property, we will view the property one last time together. It will be checked whether you have carried out the tasks as agreed during the pre-inspection. If this is not the case, we will engage an external party to carry out the tasks. These costs will be at your expense. Once the final inspection is completed correctly, the security deposit, or any remaining amount, will be refunded.

Takeover of Goods

Do you want to offer certain items in the home for takeover? Once the new tenant is known, we will put you in touch with each other. This way, you can directly discuss and make agreements with the new tenant about what will remain in the home. Note! The landlord is not liable for items to be taken over.

A new tenant is not obliged to take over your items. If there is no new tenant known, you will have to remove the items for takeover.


When renting a home, several financial matters come into play that we like to arrange well in advance. You must pay the rent every month in advance, and service costs often apply.

Automatic Debit

The easiest way to pay is through automatic debit. This way, you authorize us to deduct the rent from your account monthly. This way, you authorize us to deduct the rent from your account monthly. How do you do that? Download your direct debit authorization form here. This form must be completed and signed. Completed forms can be sent by email to or by mail to:

Ruijters Real Estate Managers
Attn: Finance department
Hoogbrugstraat 72a
6221 CS Maastricht

Rent Payment

As a new tenant, you pay a security deposit to ensure the proper fulfillment of your obligations. This allows the landlord to cover any costs for, for example, repairing damage to the home at the end of the lease. Depending on your situation, this is at least one month’s rent. We do not pay interest on the security deposit. At the end of the lease, you are expected to return the home to its original condition. If everything is in order during a final inspection, you will receive the security deposit back from us. You cannot offset the amount of the security deposit with a (last) rent term.

You pay the rent and service costs in advance. This means that the amount due, according to your rent invoice, must be on our account before the first of each month.

Service Costs

The rent consists of the basic rent and service costs. These are costs that are added to the basic rent of the home.

The service costs include, for example:

  • Cleaning of the stairwell and elevator;
  • Window cleaning of entrance and apartments;
  • Lighting in common areas;
  • Advance for gas and electricity in your home;
  • Any heating costs.

You pay a monthly advance on the service costs. Every year, you will receive an invoice from us for the settlement of the service costs for the preceding year. This invoice provides transparency on all incurred costs for that year and the costs being charged. Additionally, you will find details on your share in the total service costs. Your share is reconciled with the paid advance. If the lease contract ends, you will receive a service cost settlement according to the regular procedure after the year in which your contract has concluded, covering the part of the year you have rented.

If you disagree with the service cost settlement, you can inform us. You can address your objection to or by mail to:

Ruijters Real Estate Managers
Attn: Finance department
Hoogbrugstraat 72a
6221 CS Maastricht

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